Friday, April 2

WE Love Free Stuff

Well who the heck doesn't?
The Lovely Hannah of Hannah & Landon Metz (and if you haven't visited before boy are you in for a sumptuous treat) is hosting our very first Give Away and all you have to do is dish your most deliciously 'comedic tales of romance'

mine would be... mmm well, most of mine are more embarrassingly silly, sad and fickle than funny -

In my second year of art school in Melbourne, I had such a intense crush on one of my teachers I had to stop going to class, because every time he looked in my direction (let alone spoke directly to me) I would blush so uncontrollably crimson I thought I would actually die.

In early High School I remember detailed notes passed in class being confiscated and/or read aloud by teachers, grim days indeed, oh or love hearts and initials being seen by their appropriate affectioned partners, oh what a pain love could be.

Oh! I have another one, at the age of about 15, a young and rather brave boy who had a crush on me and came to my house very early one morning to leave me a flower and a note and when my step father heard someone creeping around outside he literally jumped out of bed and chased him away.

Oh! I have another one, mega boy crush, he is sleeping on our couch. I decide to be super brave and go kiss him, while he sleeps. I kiss him he awakens I run to my room thinking he will follow me - but no one arrives so I go look to see if he fell back asleep? no, he was confused by which room mate had kissed him and decided it must of been the more out going one so he entered her room and was not rejected. Ouch.

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