Monday, April 12

Five things...

Playing along with the other Pip!

1. The colour palette in the above image makes me so happy. Via Hannah and Landon.

2. Clients from Hell, schadenfreude and self-righteousness all wrapped up in one very amusing tumblr.

3. Hair simultaneously attracts me and freaks me out a little. I find myself drawing it a lot.

4. Roller derby has taken over my life. I play with the Convict City Rollers and I'm feeling fit as hell and ready for anything!

5. I'm currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. It's almost a guilty pleasure and I'm loving letting myself fall completely into a fantasy world before I drift off to sleep.


  1. Roller derby rocks the world. Currently non skating Sydney Roller Derby league member here ;)

  2. Hey Jasmine! Are you heading to Adelaide in June?