Wednesday, December 16

We like: Trotski and Ash

Trotski & Ash are Sarah Trotter and Romy Ash.

They write about their life with food - replete with yummy recipes and gorgeous photos by Lauren Bamford.

Saturday, December 5

Just incase you haven't seen them yet

Here are a few of our newest pieces, the ones which are not listed on Etsy are waiting for owners & givers alike at the hobart store 'Inside' (opposite Lush in the CBD).

If you are in hobart come and smile at us this coming sunday the 13th of December at 'the market' which is held in the historic masonic temple on Sandy Bay Road.

Friday, December 4

Frankie loves us and we love Frankie

I mean, who doesn't love Frankie, really.

See us on the Frankie blog.

And hello to those who have come to us via Frankie.

I'm sure we have a lot in common - would you like tea and crumpets?
Perhaps a refreshing G&T?