Thursday, July 15


It's winter here in Hobart, snowed on the mountain today = Chilly indeed.
As life on the inside is the main activity at the moment all I want to do is drool over beautifully designed objects and furniture. I have fallen deeply inlove with these beautiful objects designed by Ana Kras.


  1. i've never seen snow before :(
    i'd love to visit hobart one day though!

  2. hey! so this crazy things happened yesterday involving you me hannah and landon, my friend kensey and a little squirrel!

    i moved into my friend kenseys old apartment in montreal this summer. and when i moved in i found this charming little wood squirrel hanging on a hook and i instantly fell in love.

    yesterday i was taking pictures of the little squirrel from my blog (not knowing its origins.) when i went on hannah and landon there was a post about a give away and i followed a couple of links and sure enough i saw the squirrel! I was like...hey! i have that in my apartment!

    i looked through the comments and there was kenseys - a hilarious story about young live - she won the give away and thats how the squirrel got to me! i love it! im gonna have to mail it back to kensey now that I know the truth - any way i can buy another from you? i went on your etsy and didnt see it!

    take care and happy holidays :)


  3. Oh me Oh my, that is such a lovely little internet weirdness.
    Pip and I have been on a bit of a hiatus as both our lives got stupid busy we just haven't had time to spare, but we have just been talking about making again and it really helps to hear complements like this. Each of the pieces we have made are one-offs but when we make some new bits and pieces I will be sure to let you know.
    Big Smiles Emma

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