Monday, May 24

Five faves

We've been really busy over here at Pip Emma HQ, but I'll spare you the excuses regarding our absence and skip right to...

FIVE FAVES (playing along with the fabulously named, Pip):

1. Locals who letter press. How can you not love the work of Ruby Victoria? She also admits she's a hoarder of stuff. Us too, us too. (The image above is from Ruby Victoria's blog)

2. Fonts. We love type. It's the foundation of great design, I reckon.

3. Making animal masks out of felt for big people and little people.

4. Ted Talks. Inspiring talks by fabulous people about interesting things. For free.

5. Saving our local radio. It's not so good that Edge Radio is in trouble but you can help by signing the petition or becoming a supporter. Or both!

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