Sunday, March 28

Five faves!

It's my turn to type out the five faves this week. Hooray!

1. Music - it's been a great weekend for music in Hobart. Notably the gentlemanly and wonderful Jandek and the fun and sweaty UV Race

2. Missed Connections - I love reading personal ads and imagining who wrote them, so naturally, I love this.

3. Spite Houses

4. Sunshine & Grease

5. Going to the farm gate market every Sunday ( for Hobartians - corner of Melville and Elizabeth Streets, every Sunday morning)

(Image from Missed Connections)


  1. Sweet lady, I adore the missed connections! Thanks for sharing these ones.

  2. Oh. I wish I was in Hobart :(
    But enough of the sad face! Great Faves you guys! xx